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“How to make extra money, aside from profits, playing online poker”

“…Many losing poker players make more money than winning ones. What? Yes, it is true. The inventions of rakeback and bonuses have allowed for mediocre players to profit more than regular old winning players…”

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We have written an article series that helps players learn about online poker software and tools available.

“…So how does PokerTracker help you as you are playing? This is where it gets fun. PokerTracker has a program built within it called a “HUD”. HUD stands for “Heads Up Display”…”

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We have also written articles for beginner players.

“…if your goal is solely to have fun you can play whatever game you find most intriguing, be it Omaha, Hold ‘Em or Stud. If you have no particular skillset you might try out each available game and see which you feel most comfortable at…”

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-Insightful Poker Strategy and Tips Articles

All articles on Online Poker Locator are written by professional poker players who have played hundreds of thousands of hands. We not only teach you about strategy during actual play, but about all of the other to make money playing online poker too. Our insight and credibility is exceptional, and we are here to make you a better poker player. One fine example of an article aimed at new online poker players would be “The first step to becoming a successful online poker player”. In that article you will learn what is important and what factors will ultimately lead to your own poker success. As a professional I have come across all kinds of online poker terminology used in all different types of software. Read and learn about online poker software available. Maybe you will be confused about what something means in the software, we can help you with that too.

New players are not the only ones who need help though. After playing online poker for awhile you may achieve some success, but you may hit a roadblock along the way. Maybe you want to find out why you aren’t making as much money as you used to, or maybe you want to make more money playing poker, but don’t know whats holding you back. An issue for me was determining how many tables were best to play at one time. Online poker has created an outlet for many people to make more money than you can imagine, and it is true, some people are making over $100,000 every single year playing poker on the internet. If you are a new player at the microstakes you can create a foundation for your poker success by taking a look at these strategy articles. There is information for every limit of poker on Online Poker Locator, but more importantly it is up to date and accurate information. No one wants to read poker strategy from years ago. We have written articles that tell you how to beat the games today. I put the work in and I was able to succeed and I know you can too.

An excerpt from a strategy article for microstakes players…

“…Never bluff when you are playing microstakes poker. Bluffs are to be made against players that are capable of folding, and let me assure you that plenty of microstakes players don’t know where the fold button is…”

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-Comprehensive Poker Site Reviews

Online Poker Locator has the best site reviews, and it’s not just because we say so. Who can give better advice and opinions on online poker sites than professionals? You would surely prefer a lawyer’s legal advice over a friend’s, so you should trust our advice coming from pro poker players before you read reviews by the other sites out there. We have put in the hands and have had infinite experience with each poker site, and we are here to tell you the honest truth about every major site. Our poker reviews are accurate, thorough, and unbiased. Take a look at each one before you download the software and decide which site(s) work best for you.

-Rakeback Offers

Have you ever wanted to be sure that you were making some side money playing online poker, whether you were turning a profit at the table or not? We have the solution you might have never though existed. Our rakeback offers put the money right in your pocket every month. The more poker you play, the more rakeback you will earn. Our payments are timely and you can check your stats every single day 24/7/365. Our rakeback partners include Absolute Poker, Cake Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and UltimateBet.