Cake Poker


Cake Poker Table



Deposit Methods

MINIMUM $25 Deposit


Payout Methods

Check by Mail-$35.00 Fee

E-Wallet-No Listed Fee

Payout Details

Check by Mail typically takes a few weeks via regular mail.

E-Wallet withdrawals are immediate.


Cake Poker is not known for their software, though they have promised that great improvements will be made very soon. Cards are shown when players are all in before the river. Cake’s most unique trait is that it allows users to change their screenname once per week. Notes tracked on a player will remain even if the player changes their username.


Cake Poker is great for the multi-tabling player who likes to keep it under 9 tables. If you add too many tables on Cake it tends to get a bit laggy.

Player Programs

Cake Poker uses a Gold Card Rewards program. The rewards program works this way…

There are 52 Gold Cards available (representing the entire deck)

If you are playing a hand and get dealt 2 of Hearts and 10 of Clubs and the Gold Card that hand was the 2 of Hearts, you get a 2 of Hearts Gold Card deposited into your Gold Card Vault. The higher the card, the more difficult it is to get, and the more valuable it is. Cards can be redeemed for cash, tournament entries and other special promotions.

Customer Service

Cake Poker is very speedy in their replies to any customer inquiries. Sometimes replies are received in less than a few minutes and they are always extremely helpful. Cake Poker support is easy to work with and can get any issue resolved quickly and fairly.

U.S. Player Information

Currently Visa and Mastercard deposits work without issue. If your deposit does not go through it can typically be done manually by customer service. Payouts are convenient and all methods listed are available to U.S. players except for e-wallet options.