Frank Deesing is a 20 year old college student who is an online poker veteran, here is his story…

“I’ve played through various limits and games online starting when I was 18 on Poker stars under the name getinthere24. At first I would put $50 or $100 online and hope to catch a break along the way in a tournament but after a couple months of this I realized that this process was not as profitable as it could be. So I began to mass multi table sit and go’s putting $300 on playing anywhere from 12-24 at a time. I saw this as a great opportunity to make money and with that consistent profit at beating low limit sit and go’s I actually had a bankroll going and was making cash outs every couple days, and most importantly maintaining a bankroll and playing within my limits. I made 3-4k in only a couple of months playing. I took a couple shots in turbo tournaments and actual final tabled three very big tourneys in consecutive days.  I won a stud8 tournament, a PLO tournament and came in 5th in a no limit Holdem multi table tournament. But after some thought of what I wanted to do, one of my friends who also played poker but on ultimate bet under the name Pujolsnet gave me some advice. It was that poker stars did not offer rake back and I could be making so much more then I had been making. So I made a switch to Absolute Poker which came together with Ultimate Bet under the Cereus network.

I’ve played under the name frankiebabs for only about 3 months now and I have already made a good amount and with the benefits that Absolute Poker offers I wouldn’t switch to any other site. I feel this site for players of any range or skill level will reward you with the most such as points for cash, a bad beat jackpot that I’ve gotten a share of two times so far for roughly $ 3,000. Also rake back giving back 30% of what the site rakes from pots which for me is between $1,000-$1500 per month. So all of these things actually gave me about an extra six or seven thousand just for playing by itself.  Along with these things over the summer I averaged between making $50-$60 an hour and some days buckled down and sat in for long sessions having a couple of thousand dollar days. This being only at .25/.50 cent I felt my bankroll consistently growing and I could buy anything I wanted to.  From what was a $1,000 bankroll is around $20,000 today. Also being from long island, New York I saw great opportunity to branch out from online poker and play at some live games in the area. I mainly sat at these games in the summer to take a break from online and enjoy playing poker instead of mass tabling and having a headache afterwards. I played at any limits ranging from $1/$2 up to $5/$10. I had some good nights and some bad nights but overall I ended up making about $10,000 in the 3 months of summer at live games. So for someone who is 19 and in college I think I did pretty well for myself amassing what some people make in a year in only a couple of months.

But one key I’d say to making steady profit is to always be able to learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward and advancing your game and yourself. The human mind is something that is always moving at a high speed and if you want to be able to beat and play better one has to take it upon them self to think one or two steps ahead of their opponents. One thing I learned from playing online especially at low limits is that most people only think of their hand and not what the other person has. So making continuation bets and getting folds when I’d have a marginal hand would increase my profit considerably per hour. Also getting two streets of equity when you have hands is another key to being successful and keeping your ROI up.

So in order to be successful playing online if you have the skills to is to make sure when you sit down to play a session to keep your mind together and never let a hand effect you. If you let one hand effect you it could put you on tilt and cause you to lose money then when you wake up from your daze all of a sudden you’ve lost 4 or 5 buy-ins and don’t know what happened. So keep your mind together always and if you can’t handle the swings of the game then don’t play it. Poker is not for everyone but keep your mind together and things will work your way in the long run, it did for me so far.”


Frank Deesing

Frankiebabs-Absolute Poker