After you have determined what your goals are in online poker, you are ready to begin laying the landscape that will be used to cultivate that success. Surely you are familiar with a particular poker game, and you likely know which is your favorite, but which game will best suit you in attempting to reach the goal you set? That is what you will need to determine.

If your main goal is to make money, you should play the game you are best at right now. If you think another game would potentially be a better choice, go for it, but accept that every game has some type of learning curve, be it small or large. Now, if your goal is solely to have fun you can play whatever game you find most intriguing, be it Omaha, Hold ‘Em or Stud. If you have no particular skillset you might try out each available game and see which you feel most comfortable at.

Once you have selected your main game you will want to determine what stakes you will be starting out at.¬†Imagine you are playing¬†.05/.10. The min buy-in is $4 (40 big blinds) and the max buy-in is $20 (200 big blinds). For this limit I will maintain a bankroll of 20 buy-ins at 100 Big Blinds per buy-in. So, $10 x 20 = $200 bankroll. How many buy-ins you should keep in your bankroll depends on numerous factors such as…

-Your playing style. Are you wild and super aggressive? If so you might consider playing with many buy-ins to ensure you do not go broke.

-The limits you are playing. The higher limits that you play, the more likely you are to drop a few buy-ins as the games get tougher.

-How fast you move up in limits. If you are practicing aggressive bankroll management you may not need 20 buy-ins, 10 or 15 would be sufficient, but be prepared for a roller coaster ride.

After you have your game and limits chosen, the next step is to determine which site is best for you. Factors to consider when choosing a site include the software, rakeback and bonus offers, competition, and amount of players on the site. For example, UltimateBet offers 4 player tables, where other sites do not. Another example would be 33% rakeback from Cake Poker as opposed to 27% from Full Tilt Poker.

The last step will be determining how many tables you will be playing at one time. If you are playing for small winnings but large rakeback earnings, 10 or more tables is optimal.

You are now fully prepared to attack the online poker world. Good luck with your first day!