Many losing poker players make more money than winning ones. What? Yes, it is true. The inventions of rakeback and bonuses have allowed for mediocre players to profit more than regular old winning players. You might be thinking, “Why don’t the winning players just use rakeback and bonuses like the losing ones do?”. Well, they might be. Confused yet?

It is quite simple, the losing players play many tables at a time, and as a result are able to generate huge sums of rakeback every month. Another way that players boost their bankroll is through player programs run by the poker sites that reward high volume players. You can see which sites offer what programs here. The utilization of this “free money” is crucial in buiding up a solid bankroll. If you had a job as a cashier, would you say no if your boss said that he’d pay you $1 for every customer you ring up? Not signing up for rakeback is literally burning money, I gave that hobby up awhile back.

You might have just come up with a master plan to dominate online poker on your way to riches, does it sound something like this? “If I play a ton of tables and sign up for rakeback I will be making an absolute killing!” Maybe, but probably not. You see, the more tables you play at a time, the less money you stand to earn. Even if you are sure you could handle playing 10 or more tables at a time, there are flaws in the idea that you probably won’t even notice at the surface…Continue by reading this article, and you will quickly discover why you need to find a balance between amount of tables and quality of play.