There are many people making very good money playing online poker these days, and you could be next. All it takes for you to generate solid income playing online poker is time, dedication, and a little bit of start up money. It will absolutely take hard work on your part, there is no doubt about it, but the more work you put into it the more you get out of it. Some of your friends might say “No way, no one can make $100,000 per year playing poker on the computer,” but you can. It’s not my opinion, it’s a simple fact that many people are earning exhorbitant amounts of money playing poker on the internet.

Is it easy though? In short, no, in long, no. The question I hear from many new online players is “How much can I expect to make right away?”. This question always brings a smile to my face. There is no spreadsheet for your expected earnings, nor can anyone give you a realistic estimate without extensive information about the player. If you can crush your low limit home games you can easily be a losing player online. By contrast, you could be a big winner as well.

If you start playing online at, say, 10NL (.05/.10) 6-max games, playing 6 tables at a time, you would be doing pretty well if you earned $6/hour. Not bad for very low limits! Not many games pay people to play, usually it ends up costing you! Of course if you could maintain that same winrate at 100NL (.50/1.00) that would be about $60/hour. $60/hour at just three hours per day would earn you over $70,000 per year. Imagine if you could beat even higher levels, maybe 2/4. At the same winrate, playing 2/4, you would earn $240/hour. I would say that that is pretty good money.

There is a learning curve, so don’t expect to be having $1,000 days after your first $100 deposit. All (well, most) good things take time, so work your way up and you could be crushing the games and building not only your bankroll, but also your bank account.