This article might serve as a bookmark for your reference. Many players, new and old alike, are confused about what random abbreviations stand for or mean. Here is a list of terms that are often misunderstood or not understood at all.

Att (Attempt) To Steal

What does Att (Attempt) To Steal mean? It is the percentage of times that you attempted to steal the blinds. Say it folds around to you in the cut-off position and you raise, that is an attempt to steal.

BB/100-Big Bets Per 100 Hands

What does BB/100 mean? Originally this was a term used exclusively by limit players to determine their winrate per 100 hands. They measured it in Big Bets per 100 hands. A Big Bet is two times the big blind. Generally No Limit Hold ‘Em players use a variation of this term called bb/100. The difference is the lowercase “b”. The lowercase b stands for big blind as opposed to Big Bet. This can be done hourly as well and is simply written as BB/Hour or bb/Hour. BB/100 is generally accepted amongst the poker community as the means for determining a winrate.

EV-Expected Value

What does EV mean? It is the amount you could expect to win in a given hand. Say you are playing .25/.50 No Limit, you and a player go all in and the pot is $100. You are an 80% favorite, that means your EV is $80 as $80 is 80% of 100%, the total pot.

PFR-Pre-Flop Raise

What does PFR mean? In the context of poker software it generally means the percentage of times that a player raises a pot. This does not include hands where a player raises and you call. This counts only for raises MADE, not called.

ROI-Return On Investment

What does ROI mean? It is the buy-in divided by the profit (or loss) from a game. If you played a $10 SNG and had a $1 profit your ROI would be 10%

VP$IP-Volume (Voluntarily) Put Dollars In Pot

What does VP$IP mean? It is the percentage of times that a player voluntarily puts money in a pot. Voluntarily is the key word. If you are in the small blind or big blind it does not count as voluntary money put in the pot as the bet was forced. If you freely elect to call or raise a bet it counts as voluntarily putting money in the pot.

W$SD-Won Dollars At Showdown

What does W$SD mean? It is the percentage of time where you got to showdown in a hand and won money.

W$WSF-Won Dollars When Seeing Flop

What does W$WSF mean? It is the percentage of time where you saw a flop with a hand and won money.

WTSD-Went To Showdown

What does WTSD mean? It is the percentage of time that you were dealt a hand and played it all the way to showdown.