PokerTracker is perhaps the single best tool around today, though Hold ‘Em Manager is a similar product and is a fantastic alternate. So what does PokerTracker do? Well, everything. PokerTracker imports all of your hands and puts them in your PokerTracker database so that you can track data on your opponents and yourself. While it is incredibly useful for working on your own game, it is even more important for gaining an advantage on your opponents. Think for a second whether you would rather play poker against an opponent that you know nothing about or an opponent whose style and tendencies are right in front of you. Of course you would choose the latter.

So how does PokerTracker help you as you are playing? This is where it gets fun. PokerTracker has a program built within it called a “HUD”. HUD stands for “Heads Up Display”. The HUD shows up right next to the players screenname and gives you all kinds of information on them, anything from how often they raise pre-flop to how often they check-raise the river. If you are confused about any terminology or abbreviations that you might come across using PokerTracker, take a look here for help.

When you are not playing PokerTracker analyzes every hand you played. It will give you every tidbit of information imaginable, from how often you won money when you saw a flop to what percentage of pots you won. You will be able to see how you perform with any specific starting hand, how you do with any final hand, how you do against any specific opponent and on and on. It really does allow you to evaluate your game any way imaginable. Another fun aspect of PokerTracker is generating graphs of your play. You can create a graph based on how much you won in Big Blinds or dollars and then you can compare those winnings to your EV (Expected Value), take a look here for an explanation of that term, or you can evaluate your winnings as showdown vs non-showdown winnings.

PokerTracker might seem a bit complicated at first, but I promise you that once you use it for just a few days you will have the hang of it.