Hold ‘Em Manager offers many of the benefits of its competitor, PokerTracker. There is much dispute over which product is better, Hold ‘Em Manager, also known as HEM, or PokerTracker. Many people feel that Hold ‘Em Manager offers more in-depth breakdowns, which allows for better analyzation of your play. However, these opinions were largely based prior to all of the updates that PokerTracker has put out for its product.

The HUD (Heads Up Display) on Hold ‘Em Manager allows for players to quickly and accurately paint a picture of their opponents style of play. This is an invaluable tool as poker is all about being one step ahead. You will be able to see anything from how often a player voluntarily plays a hand to how often he folds to a river 3-bet. What more could you ask for?

The graphs on Hold ‘Em Manager are both fun and interesting. You can make a graph and break down where you make your money and how consistent you are. You can see things such as your non-showdown vs showdown winnings and your actual winnings vs your expeted winnings (EV). If you need clarification on any of these terms be sure to read this article.

Hold ‘Em Manager also allows players to analyze their play by position, starting hand, final hand, and so on and so forth. You will not find a much better online poker tool out there than Hold ‘Em Manager.